Roof Repairs During Covid-19 Pandemic

With cautious optimism, businesses are starting to reopen and children are due to go back to school. While this is all excellent news, here at Roofer UK, we wanted to talk to customers and potential customers about the measures we’ve put in place during the Covid-19 pandemic to keep everyone safe.

We know that often, roof repairs are important to have carried out in order to protect against further damage or risk to surrounding property. In order to help our customers – as we have throughout the pandemic – we take the necessary precautions to help limit the spread of the coronavirus. 

Here are just some of the steps we’re taking to keep you and our employees safe:

Social Distancing

As part of the government guidelines, keeping a 2-metre distance between people can help limit the spread of coronavirus. With small teams, we can ensure that we keep our distance from you and anyone in your home or building. 

If you are aware of any high-traffic areas which we will need to pass through, particularly if it’s a block of flats or a flatshare with a number of people, please inform us on our arrival and we’ll do our best to maintain appropriate distance at all times. The same applies to any areas outside of your property if you know it sees heavy pedestrian footfall. 

Face Masks

A crucial piece of equipment, our team will wear masks when interacting with you or working in places where they will be in close proximity to others. We would ask that our customers also try to wear masks where possible so that we can all protect one another. This will allow us to safely carry out the work on your property while remaining within government guidelines.

Regular Hand Sanitising

As you can imagine, working on roofs can make our hands dirty enough already, so we’re certainly used to regularly cleaning our hands. We’ll make sure our hands are clean before we arrive at your property and we’ll often need to wear gloves to carry out some work in any case. 

If you’re happy for our team to use your bathroom facilities to wash our hands, please let us know. Otherwise, we can provide our own wipes or sanitiser. 

Contactless Service (where possible)

Given the nature of our work, we’ll obviously need to access your property for some jobs, but it’s a completely contactless service in general – especially if we can access your roof without stepping foot inside your property. By opening doors for us to help us access your roof, our team won’t need to touch anything inside your house (unless, of course, you offer the use of your bathroom facilities), and can invoice you for the work however you would most prefer. Since the work carried out on your roof is unlikely to be touched by yourself or the general public, our services are generally easy to keep contactless for your safety.

Here at Roofer UK, we know that the weather waits for no one and roof damage can occur overnight. We’ve been operating safely and in accordance with government guidelines to provide emergency roof repairs throughout the pandemic – if you require emergency assistance for roofing work, please don’t hesitate to contact our team. We’ll be happy to discuss any safety concerns you have to ensure you’re comfortable with us attending your property.